Friday, April 26, 2013

Me Made May 2013

So I just signed up for the Me-Made-May 2013 at I found it through one of  the blogs I follow. I committed to four self-made garments a week for the duration of May.

What I want to add here is that I will create at least three new ones (probably sewn) during the month.

The blogger talks about how people make items but don't rotate them into their wardrobes. I don't believe I have that problem, but I will definitely find out in the next month.

In other craft related news, I finished Citron, just have to take it off the blocking board and weave in the ends. I used two skeins of Imagination by Knitpicks in the Enchanted Forest colorway. It's a lovely combination of bright emerald greens. Perfect for spring- and the 2013 color of the year by pantone.

I have also turned the heel on the first in a pair of socks, I've only paused to sew together parts of a jacket that's been on the needles for three years. Following a tip from Kniting Daily, I crocheted the side and shoulder seams using a crochet chain. It's nice and firm, much better than trying to sew with yarn and a needle. Hopefully it will make setting the sleeves easy, that's Saturday's big project. I'm excited to see it come together, especially after re-knitting the entire garment in January.