Thursday, May 23, 2013

Checking in

Me-Made-May: I have been able to keep my pledge of wearing one self made garment four days a week for the duration of May. Unfortunately, I have no documentation of said garments. I have realized that most of my self fashioned garments are shirts- blouses, knitted tops (both sewn and hand-knitted), the occasional knitted cardigan. I have only worn one pair of me-made pants. This is because 1)Most of my me-made bottoms are dressier skirts that wouldn't be practical at work 2)The unseasonably chilly weather has kept me from wearing my me-made shorts/Capri's and 3)I have issues making pants that fit well and flatter.

The third reason is something I should, could and will work at changing. I can alter alter sorts of patterns for tops, for both me and my mother (we're shaped differently, have different tastes in clothing, so I use different skills), but I have yet to develop/translate those skills for use on day pants. (Now that I think about it, I can make great pajama pants...)

In knitting news, I finished my first pair of cookiea socks. The pattern comes from her book Sock Innovation and is called "Sunshine". I picked up a good quality bright yellow sock yarn from a local thrift store and thought "what the hey!?" The pattern uses both cables and lace, and I love it! I have several more cookiea patterns in my Ravelry queue.