Saturday, March 29, 2014

On a sunny Saturday Afternoon

I have a finished object to show off:
Gail post-blocking

The pattern is Gail, available free on Ravelry.  It's been in my queue for quite a while and when the yarn (Sockittome from Cherry Tree Hill) didn't prove suitable for socks, the shawl became plan B.

Modifications: I was running short on yarn at the end, so I omitted the stuff between the points by working the points in short rows.  I had six completed motifs along edge of shawl and was halfway through seventh when I worked rows one and two of edge chart.
Then I bound off two edge stitches. Knit next stitch, yo, work motif in pattern through decrease, turn.
Wrong side row: yo, purl to last two stitches, p2tog-through back loop.
Right side row: Slip first stitch purlwise, yo, work in motif pattern though decrease, turn.

Repeat last two rows until motif comes to point. With one stitch on working needle bind off as follows: yarn over, purl, pass first two stitches over purl stitch. yarn over, purl...until there is one stitch on needle before next motif. yo and work second motif as before.

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this shawl, and see more in my future.

Last night I baked my first successful yeast bread in two weeks. (sorry no pictures) Last weekends loaves didn't have enough salt, so they rose to fast, over proofed and collapsed upon slicing. Two weekends ago I added to much sugar and then proceeded to over bake, so they had a dark crust and were on the dry side.

In other baking news I made Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread that the employees at my LYS loved. It's good, but I need to alter the brown sugar-sugar ratio and increase the leavening agents to compensate for hazelnut flour. But I see potential.

In knitting developments, I determined that I should rip back my Heliopath Vest and knit the smaller size. Sigh.

I started a new pair of socks. The pattern is Wendy Johnson's Toe-Up Socks With a Difference (Rav link), knit with Malabrigo sock. However I am adding a lace motif up the instep. It's the owls from Ginny's Cardigan (Rav link again) (from Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, as is aforementioned Heliopath Vest). The colorway is Chocolate Armago which comes out kind of stripey when knit up in socks. And it's not just me, I just looked at sock projects on Ravelry. I'm not frogging these, I was just startled when I saw the stripes, that's all.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miscellaneous Tuesdays

Um, it's March. And the weather feels like March. woot!

Sunday I watched the first episode of the Cosmos remake. I enjoyed it, but anything about space will peak my interest. I was a bit perturbed that the church was portrayed as negatively as it was, and I don't remember sensing that when watching Sagan's Cosmos.

There is no denying that the church has been involved in horrible atrocities. And there's no excuse, except to say that,frequently, those with power are threatened when new questions, ideas and opinions are raised. I just remember that Sagan was more diplomatic about the church's behavior towards the early astronomers.

However, I will be tuning in for next Sunday's broadcast. Cosmos, cocoa and yarn (string theory??).

I have been working on a cross stitch piece: a carrot. It's part of a trio of vegetables. I stitched the eggplant already, the bell pepper will be the last one. I've also started two knitting projects: a vest and a shawl. More on those tomorrow.

What I need ASAP is a pair of long sleeping pants. That will be my weekend project. I've got royal blue flannel with white scissors printed on. My brother will also get a new pair, maybe one size larger than the last. He's been gaining weight, and its a good thing-at his last doctors appointment he came up weighing just above underweight for his height! I'm going to celebrate by baking cookies.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Tuesday...