Monday, September 20, 2010

Teaching and Learning

So in an unexpected turn of events, my sister (the crocheter) asked me to find a sock pattern for her to knit. She does know how to knit and purl, so she's capable of making socks with minimal instruction. The problem was that most of the printed sock patterns were far more complicated than she wanted. I was able to find a basic pattern with a ribbed cuff and ribbing down the top of the foot. The toughest part for her will be the heel, but I'm excited for her!

As for my projects, I'm working on the Carrie Fair Isle Vest from knitpicks. After settling on the right needle size I'm doing fairly well. I'm using a 40 inch circ, so I'm working using magic loop method. so far so good, though the opposite end of the round end does have some funny bumps because I carried the second color yarn a smidge to tight... That's what blocking is for, right? Pictures to come soon.
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