Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An FO, plus UFOs, WIPs and the delivery of yarn

So I actually finished a knitting project. Actually I finished it again. Its Emmaline, from knitty. I finished it for the first time toward the beginning of August, tried it on and subsequently tossed it back into the WIP basket. It was too tight at the underbust and to short. I have since frogged back to the widest point if the bust and re-knit the piece. It fits better now, though I still have to weave in the ends and maybe do a bit of blocking.

My grma was visiting this weekend. We made a point of taking her and her brother (my great uncle) to the Minneapolis farmers market. It was fantastic. They grew up on a farm, but shopping at the farmers market was an entirely new experience. I ended up with the ingredients for salsa- canned five pints. Plus got fresh veggies to make a wonderful soup. Mmmmm..soup.

Any way, while they were visiting, I got out all of my various projects, the quilts I'm working on, and my knitting WIPs. the corrie fair isle vest, skew socks, and others. I even brought out my computer to show them my next big project- the Yggdrasil Blanket. I have some sort of sock ADD. It's not second sock syndrome, I'm working them two at a time on a 40" circular needle. Anyway, I think I need something that knits up nice-straight off the needles.

In stead of doing it in the yarn called for-Nature's Choice by Lion Brand- I got a deal on Comfy, in sport weight from Knitpicks. It will produce a smaller blanket than the pattern specifies, but that's ok. I can't wait to cast on....

...Because I got the yarn yesterday... whee!!!

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