Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miscellaneous Tuesdays

Um, it's March. And the weather feels like March. woot!

Sunday I watched the first episode of the Cosmos remake. I enjoyed it, but anything about space will peak my interest. I was a bit perturbed that the church was portrayed as negatively as it was, and I don't remember sensing that when watching Sagan's Cosmos.

There is no denying that the church has been involved in horrible atrocities. And there's no excuse, except to say that,frequently, those with power are threatened when new questions, ideas and opinions are raised. I just remember that Sagan was more diplomatic about the church's behavior towards the early astronomers.

However, I will be tuning in for next Sunday's broadcast. Cosmos, cocoa and yarn (string theory??).

I have been working on a cross stitch piece: a carrot. It's part of a trio of vegetables. I stitched the eggplant already, the bell pepper will be the last one. I've also started two knitting projects: a vest and a shawl. More on those tomorrow.

What I need ASAP is a pair of long sleeping pants. That will be my weekend project. I've got royal blue flannel with white scissors printed on. My brother will also get a new pair, maybe one size larger than the last. He's been gaining weight, and its a good thing-at his last doctors appointment he came up weighing just above underweight for his height! I'm going to celebrate by baking cookies.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Tuesday...

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