Monday, January 21, 2013

January: Banishing the UFO's

I kinda-sorta made a new years resolution to finish some of the crafty projects that I've had lying about for a while.

Now 'a while' ranges from a month (most recent socks 85% complete) to three years (a lovely spring sweater that has yet to be finished). And that's only the knitting projects. Only two of the knitting projects.

This weekend I finished a blouse for my mom. It took longer than planned because I had to redraft the pattern to fit her tastes in clothing. Also because the cats love taking the pins out of my pincushion, but that is another story. Oh, and I had to copy one of the redrafted pattern pieces because one of the aforementioned cats decided it was tasty and chewed it to bits.

Mom is planning on wearing it tomorrow, and if all goes well I will get a picture and post it. I'm really proud of the craftsmanship I put into this garment.

I guess that is why so many of my projects end up UFO's. I get frustrated or disappointed with the item and set it aside. Bordem is another cause of the size of my UFO pile. Like the nice green acrylic/bamboo sweater I just rescued from the pile. It's mostly garter stitch. Simple, but bo-ring. However as I un-buried it, I realized that in a couple of months it will feel lovely against my skin. (The high today reached a whopping -5*.)

Though I might set it aside to finish the toe on a sock. It's the second sock, and as it will only reach 0* tomorrow, a nice pair of socks will keep me warm on the bus ride to work...

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