Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

I started a project yesterday: Ringwood Gloves , from Knitty. I admired the pattern immediately, and decided that this pattern would be my first pair of gloves.

I'm using Knitpicks City Tweed DK in brocade, to match a hat I made years ago. The yarn is mice and soft, though it seems a little on the thin side for a DK weight yarn. I ended up going down to size four needles and hope that the yarn fills a bit after a soak and a block. With a 7.5in knuckle circumference, I took a chance with the medium size (8in), and hoped that the thinner nature of the yarn and the small needle selection would bring down the size that half inch. Assuming the yarn doesn't grow, it worked.

I cast on yesterday morning. These work up surprisingly fast. Cast on stitches for the medium size, bit I'm working pattern repeats for the small size.

To help with finger sizing, I started the ring finger before decreasing on the pinky. You can see this in the photo, I have the pinky on a cable needle (no stitch holders in my bag o'supplies) and I've done about six rows of the ring finger when I tried the glove on for a final fit. The join between pinky and ring finger sat where I wanted it to and I had the length I needed for the pinky, so the ring finger stitches went on hold while I finished the pinky. I will do this for the remaining fingers as well.

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