Monday, March 7, 2011


I have come down with a wierd case of startitis. Actually, it's more like a case of designitis. The inability to stop designing things- followed by the need to immediately cast on. Except in the case of the quilt I should be designing. Suddenly the end of May is a lot closer than the last time I checked.... (Isn't it odd how that happens??)

All of my knitting projects of late have been on small needles, I have been craving a large needle project, but can't find anything in my ravely queue and yarn stash that make for an intriguing knit. On the upside, this frustration has propelled me back to my sewing machine- it's been neglected the past two months. I'm working on a quilt (not the one I need to be, but it's progress) and some more practical items: pants for mom, a shirt for myself, pants for me.

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